Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform offers computing, storage and application services, lets you build, test, and deploy your web applications on Google's infrastructure. With Google's infrastructure on the backend, you can focus your development time on the application, not the infrastructure.

  • Run your application on a fully-managed PaaS using built-in service
  • Store and synchronize your data with highly durable, always available, and better performance
  • Data archiving, online backup, disaster recovery
  • Data analysis and outcome prediction
  • Accessibility and automatic generation of the client library

Product Features

apps engine Apps Engine

compute engine Compute Engine

container engine Container Engine

big query Big Query


mobile applications Mobile Applications

websites and web apps Websites and web apps

retail and commerce Retail and commerce

development and test Development and test

big data Big data

gaming Gaming

internet of things Internet of things

genomics Genomics

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