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360° Virtual tour of your businessBring your customers inside your businessEnhance your web presence across GoogleDifferentiate from your competitorsIncrease customer familiarity with your businessSimple, fast, affordable
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First Google Trusted Agency in Hong Kong
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Trained and authorised Google trusted photographers
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High-quality virtual tour

Why Master Concept?


Stand out on Google search results
Google Street View | Trusted allow your business to stand out in Google search results. If somebody searches for keywords matching your business, users will be able to see the embedded photos and 360º tour on the side of the search results.

Google Street View | Trusted Agency
Master Concept's photographers accredited and trusted by Google to deliver Google Street View | Trusted and will help to co-ordinate the shooting process.
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Full integration into Google Maps
The virtual tour and images will also be integrated into Google Maps for a seamless experience.

Enhance your Google Place page
In addition to an interactive 360º tour, high quality still images will be photographed and uploaded to your Google Place page to show customers detailed images of your business.


Use the 360º virtual tour and still images on your website!
Once uploaded, the images and tour will belong to you. No subscriptions, no hidden charges. You can even include the tour on your personal website or marketing material.
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Compatible with mobile devices!
As ever, at Master Concept we are focused on cross-platform compatibility and ensure that Google Maps Business View are seamlessly compatible across all mobile devices, including devices without Flash such as iPhones and iPads. We can advise you on how to embed the tour into your website after they have been uploaded.

Questions? Please let us know!

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