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  • IPD 580
  • CUHK 580
  • MTRChome 580
  • Infocloud 580
  • IPD 580
  • Mobile Application

    No Fake Pledge

    No Fakes Pledge" is a scheme campaign by the Intellectual Property Department of HKSAR government, that encourages retail merchants to commit to sell genuine goods. This mobile app is a convenient way to discover and locate the participating merchants. Available to free download on both iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Virtual Tour

    CUHK University Gallery

    The virtual tour of CUHK University Gallery brings visitors to visit the gallery online, without any transportation cost. The virtual tour can act as a navigation system. It can be customized and add in elements like audio, video and floor plan, which can help the visitors know where they are. By adding tags, additional information can be added on the virtual tour so visitors can understand more other than how it looks like.

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  • Website


    MTRCHOME is a property portal owned by MTR Corporation Limited. It provides a one-stop-platform for the Company to communicate with residents and manage estate administrative activities. The portal was deployed based on Google Sites Environment, while some specific function such as facility booking, forums, PMS integration related functions are considered as one of Gadgets connected to the Property Portal.

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  • Website

    InfoCloud Portal

    InfoCloud Portal is a website targeted to cloud consumers, cloud service providers and the general public at large. The website enhances the usability and accessibility of InfoCloud Portal through the adoption of internationally recognized standards. We design and develop templates to facilitate content update of the InfoCloud Portal.

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  • Kiosk


    The portal serve the wayfinding functions and are covered by the 360-degree panoramic images. The portal will indicate the current position (where the portal is mounted). User can specify the destination by typing the Point-Of-Interest. Upon generation of the visual route (with a given origin-destination pair), the user will be able to click on the route to visit a particular 360-degree panoramic image along the route.

Our approaches

We follow the iterate project phases to understand your business objectives and align with project expectations.


We pursuit the great solutions to facilitate your business objectives and explore the untapped possibilities.


We sketch the prototype and convey your ideas into the profound impression of great user experience.


We strive hard for fast, clean, and semantic code and craft the state of art product for you.


We set everything up for a successful product launch, provide support and maintenance, post marketing analysis and more.


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