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Solution by function

  • Untap insights from social performance

    Social media presents a huge opportunity, the competitive advantage in a globalized marketplace depends on the company's market intelligence. Companies that wish to stay ahead of the trend must compare their capabilities amongst peers and competitors, and our intelligence service could help.

    • Big Data: Process mass data collected from the Internet.
    • Comprehensive: Provide multi-perspective analysis of text, sentiment, content, network, interconnectedness, message flow of individuals.
    • Measurement: Evaluate campaign results, social performance and KPI metrics.

Solution by industry

  • Solutions Netsuite


    Manufacturing consists of a large variety of works such as inventory, warehouse management, financial management, order management, customer relationship management and ecommerce capabilities, etc. NetSuite's cloud-based software suite might be a good choice for manufacturers wanting a complete business solution. It addresses a wide variety of production methods which can fulfill your specific requirements.

    • Engineering—improve product design and BOM management
    • Sales and Marketing—implement campaigns and expedite estimating and quoting
    • Order Management—accelerate demand planning
    • Supply Chain Management— synergize with suppliers and purchasing
    • Production Control—improve work order management 
    • Service and Support—streamline case management and enable customer self-service 
    • Financial Management—enhance intercompany accounting, costing and payment management 
    • Commerce—empower purchasing in B2B and B2C environments

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