The trendiest no-code platform AppSheet and its versatile application techniques all at once.

What is Appsheet?

Appsheet is a no-code application platform provided by Google. It allows any user to quickly create and manage different forms and web applications without having to write complex code. Appsheet can connect to your Google Workspace data (such as Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Form, etc.) and external data sources of other third-party software and hardware, such as Excel and SQL databases Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Through a drag-and-drop interface and visual tools, it is easy to deploy and manage custom applications to meet the needs of different users, creating the most efficient solutions for them to achieve business goals highly.

How Appsheet works?

The applications built through Appsheet are not only dynamic but also can be used on various mobile devices and browsers. Customizable user experience templates allow you to design interfaces for various elements, such as maps, calendars, and information dashboards. Additionally, you can add automated workflows to your applications to perform various operations, such as sending notifications, generating emails, creating custom reports, and modifying linked data sources.

Google Workspace Appsheet 1
Google Workspace, AppSheet

為什麼無代碼平台中 Appsheet 更勝一籌?

With the rise of intelligent AI and automation, everyone has probably heard of the concept of “no code”. No code, as the name suggests, is a solution that allows users to quickly build and deploy applications without the need for coding, using design tools and interfaces. Compared to other no-code platforms, AppSheet can be a good solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need simple application development, as it focuses more on developing applications from simple to medium complexity for these businesses. Appsheet is easy to use and does not require any programming experience or background, so non-technical users can easily use it.

Automating processes to increase team collaboration productivity

AppSheet Automation is an automated workflow solution developed using no-code technology and proprietary Google AI technology. Through a simple and easy-to-use interface, users can quickly create automated workflows to solve problems in daily work and business processes, improving operational efficiency. The strength of AppSheet Automation lies in its intelligence and highly customizable capabilities, which can meet the needs of different users, including business management, data collection and analysis, and even machine learning. In addition, AppSheet Automation can be integrated with existing enterprise applications and data sources to achieve more efficient automated workflows.

Google Workspace AppSheet Automation
Google Workspace, AppSheet Automation

Integrating multiple data sources with offline sync capability

Appsheet collects the necessary online and offline data easily through intelligent methods. Users can leverage the powerful features of devices such as smartphones and tablets, including GPS location, photos, drawings, barcode scanning, and character recognition, to easily obtain more useful information. Pre-scheduling and automatically starting data collection can simplify processes, save employees’ time, and improve data quality. Appsheet provides powerful tools and features that enable businesses to easily build their applications, bringing higher efficiency and convenience to their daily operations and business processes.

Google Workspace AppSheet 資料整合技術
Google Workspace, AppSheet 資料整合技術

Google AI and Machine learning technologies shorten application development time and improve operational quality.

Appsheet offers natural language processing (NLP) search functionality, allowing users to easily issue commands without the need for the machine learning experience. Additionally, Appsheet provides powerful computer vision capabilities that allow users to easily capture images and add annotations, as well as create predictive models based on historical application data. Through these features, users can more effectively leverage their data and derive greater value from it.

Appsheet is suitable for any application scenario.

As a flexible and adaptable no-code application platform, Appsheet can help businesses create the most suitable solutions for different application scenarios. Appsheet offers the following advantages:

  1. Powerful data aggregation capabilities: Appsheet can integrate with multiple data sources.
  2. Security: Appsheet adopts advanced and comprehensive security monitoring measures to ensure absolute data security.
  3. Enterprise-level features: Appsheet provides many enterprise-level features, such as data authorization, data auditing, and data synchronization.
  4. Scalability: Appsheet provides scalable APIs that can be integrated with other applications to achieve automated workflows. User-friendly interface: Appsheet provides a friendly UI interface that is easy to use, even for users without technical backgrounds.
  5. AppSheet provides a good user interface experience that is easy to use, even for users without technical backgrounds.

Creating “Dynamic Email” directly in Gmail

Usually, when our daily workflow is distributed across multiple applications, we waste a lot of time switching back and forth between applications, which reduces work efficiency. Putting work tasks and emails on the same interface, such as using Appsheet in Gmail, helps users avoid the distraction caused by switching between multiple services.

Sure, let’s take a look at how dynamic email works in AppSheet. In the following example, we have a travel request application that is used to create travel requests and send them to users who can use Gmail dynamic email to reply to their approvers. This is what it looks like in Gmail:

思想科技 Demo, AppSheet 動態電子信件應用

You can see that the latest information about the travel request is displayed directly in the email. This is because when the email is opened, it queries the data source for the latest data (which is the “dynamic” source in the “Dynamic Email”). The recipient of the Dynamic Email (in this case, the “approver”) can view more detailed information, add comments, and make approval decisions directly from the email by submitting their response back to the application’s data source (in this example, a Google Sheet).

Here is the table data after approving the travel request via Gmail. The user’s approval decision (“TRUE”), approval date, and other annotations are displayed in the travel request in the Google Sheet:

思想科技 Demo AppSheet 表格數據
思想科技 Demo, AppSheet 表格數據

For additional scalability, once this data is written back to the data source, it can trigger additional automation (workflows), such as sending confirmation emails or SMS text messages.

Building your first Dynamic Email with Appsheet

Setting up Dynamic Email only takes a few minutes and starts with setting up automation. It allows your application to detect specific conditions and then take appropriate actions. In our example, we created a bot to detect when a user creates a travel request and automatically sends an email to the approver with key details included.

思想科技 Demo AppSheet 動態電子信件建置
思想科技 Demo, AppSheet 動態電子信件建置

Next, in the Dynamic Email section, from the “Use Dynamic Email” dropdown list, we will select our “Approve” as this is the icon we want to appear in the user’s email. Then, we will specify the recipient and optional information, such as additional text to include in the email:

思想科技 Demo, AppSheet 動態電子信件建置
思想科技 Demo, AppSheet 動態電子信件建置

With Appsheet’s dynamic email, Gmail is not just one of the many applications you and your team use to get work done, it is also a central destination for seamless collaboration.

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