Enhancing Email Security: Key Updates to Gmail’s Bulk Sender Policy for 2024

Starting from 1 Feb 2024, Gmail will start to require that bulk senders to authenticate email, enable easy subscription and keep email with quality. This update directly impacts businesses that rely on Gmail for communication and collaboration.

In today’s digital landscape, email remains a crucial communication channel for businesses. However, spam and sophisticated phishing attempts pose significant security threats, jeopardizing data and financial security. Gmail’s AI-powered defenses stop more than 99.9% of spam, phishing and malware from reaching inboxes and block nearly 15 billion unwanted emails every day.

In a move to combat evolving email security threats, Google is rolling out a significant update to Gmail’s spam filtering system. Launched in 2004, Gmail safeguards billions of users from unwanted emails and malware.

This blog post delves into the details of this latest Gmail policy update. We’ll explore how the update strengthens inbox security and any necessary actions you might need to take to ensure smooth email operations.

Gmail Policy Update Highlights

Starting from 1 Feb 2024, Gmail will start to require that bulk senders (sending 5000 or more emails daily from the sending domain) :

  1. Authenticate email: Large email sender who sends bulk emails must authenticate their emails following well-established best practices.
  2. Enable easy subscription: Large sender must give Gmail recipients the ability to unsubscribe from a commercial email from a particular email sender in one click and process unsubscription requests within two days.
  3. Keep email with quality: Senders must keep the spam rate below 0.10% and avoid ever reaching a spam rate of 0.30% or higher in Postmaster Tools.

Ensuring your emails adhere to Gmail’s authentication rules guarantees they reach the intended recipients. Not only does this prevent them from being blocked or marked as spam, but it also helps maintain your domain’s credibility and ultimately benefits your business performance.

What to do to keep your email sent successfully

1. Guarantee smooth delivery with SPF.

Imagine sending a package with your address on it. SPF acts like a “sender authorization list” for your email domain. You create a list of authorized “post offices” (servers) allowed to send emails on behalf of your company. When someone receives an email from your domain, their mail server checks the sender’s address against your list. This helps ensure the email genuinely comes from you and isn’t spoofing your address.

Go to: Set up SPF to ensure mail delivery and prevent spoofing

2. Enhance outgoing email security with DKIM.

DKIM works like a digital stamp for your outgoing emails. It adds a unique, encrypted signature to each message, guaranteeing its authenticity. This signature acts like a secret code that receiving mail servers can use, along with a publicly available key, to verify that the email truly originated from your organization. Not only does this prevent email spoofing, but it also ensures the message content remains unchanged during its journey across servers.

Go to: Set up DKIM to prevent spoofing

3. Shut down email spoofing attempts with DMARC.

Imagine DMARC as the final decision-maker for suspicious emails. It takes the results of SPF and DKIM checks and instructs receiving servers on how to handle emails that fail either authentication method. Additionally, DMARC sends you reports detailing which emails passed or failed these checks. These reports act as your security guard, alerting you to potential email attacks and vulnerabilities in your system, allowing you to take corrective action.

Go to: Set up DMARC to help prevent spoofing and phishing 

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