Activating smart logistics, 3drens partner with Master Concept to maximize their service with Google Maps Platform

Through Google Maps Platform, the new innovation of the Internet of Vehicles -- 3drens -- not only successfully assisted enterprise customers to build and optimize mobile as a service (MaaS), but also recently launched a new product -- intelligent transportation logistics as a service, to meet the market's desire for intelligent logistics.

Research institute Strategic Market forecasts that the global digital logistics market will grow from $18.1 billion in 2021 to $77.52 billion in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.4%. It is clear that the market demand for smart logistics services will continue to heat up, including in Taiwan. Under the continuous influence of a low-contact economy, not only consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to receiving and sending goods through outbound delivery, express delivery, and logistics, but also the enterprise market, promoting the market’s strong demand for intelligent transportation logistics platforms.

3drens target small and medium-sized logistics operators to promote intelligent transportation logistics as a service

Being optimistic about the smart logistics market, 3drens will assist in the development of Internet of vehicles services to meet the needs of large corporate customers such as taxi fleets, vehicle rental, and e-commerce logistics. Smart Logistic as a Service (Smart Logistic as a Service; Smart Logistic as a service; SLaaS, which can flexibly subscribe to fleet management, order management, and other modules according to business needs, greatly improving operating performance and creating new revenue.

There are three reasons why SLaaS for 3drens is so popular in the market. First, the software-as-a-service model not only has low barriers to entry, it supports a variety of vehicles and machines, but also allows flexibility to adapt to business needs, ensuring money is spent wisely. Secondly, the order management and fleet management data integrated supervision, give play to the maximum benefit of the digital process; Last Mile Fleet Solution through Google Maps Platform LMFS improves map accuracy and allows team members to focus on helping logistics operators improve their freight experience. “Compared to other mapping companies, Google Maps Platform not only has a large number of users, but also has a strong engineering team behind it that keeps up with the times, optimizes the service and allows us to focus on other core research and development work without worry, and achieve synergies.”

Google Maps Platform and 3drens
3drens, system interface

Mr. Hung Sao-wei, Business manager of Master Concept, who has helped 3drens and many other logistics companies optimize their service energy using the Google Maps Platform, said: “In the process of providing 3drens consulting and technical support, I deeply felt the challenges facing the transport logistics industry in the process of transformation, such as not being able to track the driving information of the fleet in real-time, or optimizing the driving path with accurate maps, etc. Therefore, actively introduce LMFS and On-Demand Rides and Deliveries of Google Maps Platform to the market; “The ODRD solution addresses operational pain points for transport and logistics operators while enhancing customer service experience with transparent tracking data to better capture new post-pandemic business opportunities.”

Together with Master Concept, 3drens use Google Maps Platform to improve product service power and business expansion

3drens has been working with Google Maps Platform for a long time. Yu said with a smile: “With Master Concept’s help, we have been looking forward to LMFS since the launch of ODRD on the Google Maps Platform to help meter operators optimize their fleet management performance and customer experience.”

Google Maps Platform and 3drens
3drens Co-founder, Jammy Yu

According to Yu, 3drens chose Google Maps Platform as a key partner because of three factors: First, both ODRD and LMFS support In-app Navigation, which means users can use the map navigation service without jumping away from the App. It not only provides the service without breakpoints, but also enables better collection of first-hand digital trajectory data for subsequent data analysis and reuse. Secondary, charging is based on the completion of an order rather than the access to the application interface (API) frequency. Therefore, 3drens can help customers better control operating costs; Thirdly, Google Maps Platform’s outstanding performance in stability, security and scalability is conducive to business expansion of 3drens to Singapore, Malaysia and the United States and other markets. “In addition to Google Maps Platform, we also look forward to developing closer cooperation with Master Concept, from assisting in the introduction of ODRD and LMFS to helping customers solve problems and better explore business opportunities in the Asian and global smart logistics market.”

In addition to optimizing product and service through ODRD and LMFS solutions, 3drens also plans to launch their new modules such as transport capacity prediction analysis and driving safety monitoring, and alliance with industry partners to help customers in Taiwan and overseas markets to optimize transport logistics services with SLaaS. In this process, the preferred partner of Google Maps Platform — Master Concept — will not only continue to introduce the latest mapping technology, but also provide corresponding consulting and technical support services according to the needs of enterprise customers of different sizes, or assist new partners such as 3D People to strengthen their product services. To accelerate industrial development and create new business opportunities.

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