Learn How To Reclaim Your Google Workspace Domain


Furniture Industry Client A, aiming to strengthen its influence in overseas markets, established a global operations center in a certain country. This center focuses on areas like Global Business Operations (GBO) and Center of Expertise (CoE), aiding in expanding their international market presence. Google Workspace was chosen by the client for its high compatibility with the industry, robust data security, efficiency in implementation, and cost-effectiveness.


When Client A is verifying the domain name at the registration stage, the system reported an error of “The domain name has been subscribed and registered by other teams.”.

Let’s see how to reclaim your Google Workspace domain

1. Click the Link and Log in to your business domain, enter your domain name.

2. Then enter the email address for further follow-up.

3. Select “Yes, I have signed up with this domain earlier.”

4. Select “I want to free up this domain.”

5. Confirm domain name, email information, and identity verification.

6. After successful verification, log in to your domain hosting service provider’s website and use the provided values to add a DNS record (either CNAME or TXT). Once added, return to this page and click the “Recheck” button to verify again.

Important note: Updates to DNS records can take 24 to 48 hours to propagate throughout the Internet. This means that if you check the DNS records during this time, you might see varying results.

Do not remove the DNS record until your request is fully processed.

If your DNS record cannot be found within 3 days, the request will be closed, then you will need to generate a new reference number.

About Master Concept

Master Concept is the first Google Cloud Premier Partner in Hong Kong and an outstanding Google Workspace (G Suite) reseller in the Asia Pacific region. Master Concept was awarded the Google Cloud – Work Transformation – Best Partner of the Year Award, and its achievements in assisting enterprises in digital transformation are highly recognized.

Master Concept has assisted more than a thousand enterprises across various sizes and industries to introduce Google Workspace to their business and provides services such as consulting, technology introduction, data migration, and after-sales training to assist enterprises in their journey to the cloud.

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