Master Planner: All-in-one Travel Planning Solution in Post-Pandemic Era

The travel bug is back with a vengeance! After years of lockdowns and border closures, the post-pandemic world is witnessing a tourism renaissance. The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer revealed that, during the first seven months of 2022, international tourist arrivals nearly tripled over the same period in 2021, reaching 57 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

The travel industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, marked by a surge in wanderlust and an eager anticipation for seamless and personalized travel experiences. Solo travel, backpack travel, fast travel, everyone would like to go on vacation and enjoy leisure activities.

While travelers embark on adventures without the shackles of quarantine or social distance limitations. Yet, traditional travel planning tools often leave users grappling with multiple platforms, scattered information, and a need for more cohesion. From juggling between itinerary apps, map services, and accommodation platforms to dealing with the hassle of manual entry, the existing options often fall short of providing a seamless and stress-free experience. Imagine what a one stop travel planning platform can bring the next level experience bring to travelers, and grasp all the travel related services in one single application, it is what the industry lacks.

All you need is Master Planner, the one-stop journey planner

Enter “Master Planner” – the all-in-one travel planning solution to navigate the post-pandemic travel landscape. Not only providing a user-friendly one-stop journey planner for your customer, also adding customized products and services to upgrade your application or website, any travel related services you can imagine can plug-in to your platform through Master Planner. Master Planner is the new era of travel planning solutions, redefined and effortlessly curated travel experiences for your users.

4 Features of Master Planner

1. Efficient Destination Matching

Simplify the planning between different tourist destinations with our task-matching API. Automatically arrange the agenda.

2. Route Optimization

Save hours planning routes and routes are automatically generated with our app’s built-in route optimization tool.

3. Check-point Management

Mark your checkpoint track the status, arrange your trip flexibly, and adjust your plan instantly.

4. All-In-One Travel Planning Solution

Add-on services based on your product features, like insurance, ride-hailing services, restaurant booking and ranking, or anything you can imagine.

Here’s how the Master Planner works:

  1. AI Routing is the core of Master Planner. For example, if your customer is traveling to Taiwan, by selecting their favorite Taiwan attractions or leisure activities, Master Planner will do the rest of the planning for you.

2. No need to research transportation and calculate the travel time. The route is automatically generated and visualized by Google Maps API.

3. Adding customized service tools like ride-hailing services.

4. More adding on in-app services like restaurant booking and ranking.

*Prototype, for reference only

Why Master Planner and Master Concept

Master Concept has been a premier partner of Google Maps Platform for over a decade, Master Concept possesses extensive expertise and practical experience in this field. We strive for the best solution for the travel industry in the APAC regions to achieve their best performance. Never miss a chance to enhance your customer experience, contact us now!

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