We are proud to announce that we are now a Mixpanel Gold Partner.

Our dedicated digital analytics division has been hard at work to become one of the leading Mixpanel partners in APAC.

Our dedicated digital analytics division has been hard at work to become one of the leading Mixpanel partners in APAC. 

Mixpanel APAC Gold Partner
Mixpanel Gold Partner

What is Mixpanel and how does it work?


For those that don’t know much about Mixpanel, it’s a world leading Product Analytics and User Behaviour Analytics engine. You can think of it like a more advanced version of Google Analytics in terms of its ability to analyze granular user behaviours. 

Just to name a few features you can:

  • Discover which activities (and their associated frequencies) lead to turning a new user into a power user
  • Understand what, specifically, is impacting your retention so you can retain more users
  • Know with precision if your feature release impacted your core business metrics
  • See all of your KPIs and statistics in a real-time dashboard which can be shared on a TV display in your office
  • Quickly run ad hoc reports that can be flexibly broken down by any number of parameters (remember secondary dimensions on GA? This is that but infinity)
  • Lastly, you’re able to import and export data with various platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, Zendesk, Airship, Facebook Ads, Marketo, and Google Ads (just to name a few)


Wow, that was a long list to get through! If you’re still scratching your head at what on earth Mixpanel is, it may be helpful to compare it side by side to Google Analytics.

Seamless cross-device tracking and reporting across multiple user sessions, from pre-login to post-login user interactions.
Unsampled and accurate user data available for analysis in real-time.
Flexible data modeling layer that speeds up ad hoc analysis by letting you transform your data with simple, excel-like commands.
Sophisticated cohort definitions and cohort size tracking over time.
Provides information about the age and gender of your users, along with the interests they express through their online travel and purchasing activities.
Ability to analyze feature launches and A/B tests for effectiveness.
Advanced web traffic source attribution capabilities.
The ability to analyze data by account, device, or any other entity that suits your business.
Ability to create filtered data views for different teams and manage access to sensitive data with team and user level permissions.
Custom web dashboards to organize all your important product metrics in one place and share them as email digests with stakeholders.
How Mixpanel compares to Google Analytics

The difference between the two should be a little more clear now. You can consider Google Analytics best suited for Marketing Analytics and Mixpanel best suited for Product/User Analytics. It is not uncommon for companies to use both Google Analytics and Mixpanel at the same time! 

Division of Master Concept Group, Digital Action Lab

Digital Action Lab, our dedicated digital analytics division provides service packages for companies interested in adopting Mixpanel, you can download the one-pagers here:

  • Jumpstart: quick start using our professional tailored measurement plans and templates
  • Smartstart: end-to-end guidance on planning, implementation, and use cases
  • Essentials: technical and reactive support for your analytics use cases
  • Implementation: our engineers implement Mixpanel in your apps and websites


Want to learn even more about this?

Contact us at htttps://www.digitalactionlab.co/contact-us

You can also download our solution plans NOW

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