Why is Freshdesk Your Top Choice for Building an Efficient Customer Service Team?

With numerous customer service ticketing systems available in today’s market, what makes Freshdesk stand out as the top choice for many reputable brands both locally and globally? This leads us to the company that stands behind this product – Freshworks.

Introducing Freshworks

Freshworks is a SaaS company founded in India in 2010. Besides providing customer service ticketing systems like Freshdesk, it offers many other online enterprise software tools, including customer management systems, marketing management tools, and ITSM systems. Its goal is to help businesses maintain customer relationships and manage company operations externally and internally in the easiest and most simple way possible. This philosophy is reflected in all of Freshworks’ products, which have clear and simple interfaces and are easy to use.

For today’s brands, the competition is no longer just about product features but also about a more complete “online customer experience.” To stand out among many brands, it is essential to provide better and smoother customer service, from simple customer service processes to shortening ticket processing time to win customer loyalty.

How can Freshdesk help customer service teams?

To improve customer service, businesses can start by fully digitalizing their customer service platform. Freshdesk is the best system for this, combining internal ticketing automation and external relationship management. Previously, representatives had to juggle messages from different channels, causing wasted time and manual effort. Freshdesk integrates messaging channels and internal support, streamlining communication and coordination for faster, more efficient service.

Freshdesk has three extremely important aspects:

  • Quick deployment: A simple SaaS tool that does not require a lot of time for setup and can be completed in just 21 days.
  • High flexibility and ease of use: Covers many features that allow you to customize settings according to your team’s individual habits and needs, and workflow, without requiring a lot of staff to maintain.
  • Clean UI: The operating interface is friendly, allowing you to easily find the desired functions.

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Four Key Advantages of Freshdesk Over its competitors

As a customer service ticketing platform, in addition to meeting the basic requirements of easy operation and simplicity for customer service teams, there are also core features that address pain points in their usage scenarios.

1. A Clear platform interface for a smoother response experience

During the service process, 34% of customers mentioned that the most important thing for them in online customer service is to respond to their needs in real-time on any channel, at any time. However, customers’ daily message channels are dispersed across email, chat communication, social media, and more. Customer service representatives are required to quickly consolidate the information from all channels to respond. Additionally, whenever a customer service representative receives a question from a customer that is not their area of expertise, the customer is transferred repeatedly to different customer service units, repeating the same question. This not only affects the customer’s service experience but also reduces the efficiency of the customer service team.

Freshdesk can integrate messages from different channels into one platform, eliminating the need to switch channels to respond to customer messages. Moreover, its most powerful feature is the ability to identify whether users who ask questions on different platforms are the same person, allowing customer service representatives to understand all issues at once. When a customer’s question is transferred to another customer service representative, the receiving representative can see the complete conversation history and reply content between the customer and all previous handlers. As a result, customers no longer need to repeat their problems and have a smoother service experience.

Freshdesk interface platform

2. Various Collaboration Modes help customer service team to work flexibly

On each customer service ticket, there will inevitably be customers raising multiple questions in different fields. For customer service teams with more specialized roles or when new members join, they must spend a lot of time assigning ticket issues and integrating responses to customers. Freshdesk provides multiple types of tickets to help customer service teams better assign and collaborate on issues based on the resources needed for different problems, speeding up communication efficiency between customer service teams.

  • Shared ticket: When customer service representatives need assistance, they can collaborate with senior representatives to assist and work together.
  • Linked ticket: Unite related issue events to comprehensively understand related events and speed up the processing flow.
  • Parent-child tickets: Break down major tickets into small tickets for different issues, and distribute the problems to different representatives to assist, reducing problem-solving time.

3. Freshdesk’s Automatic Ticket Assignment for Full Coverage and No Missed Tickets

The most common problem encountered by customer service teams is that tickets cannot be systematically assigned and processed, resulting in many tickets being missed or left unprocessed. Freshdesk’s built-in intelligent automatic assignment function can automatically assign tickets to the appropriate personnel or teams in the team for processing. No concerns are needed regarding multiple support representatives responding to the same service ticket, effectively executing ticket responses.

In addition, Freshdesk can also automatically allocate tickets based on the language of the customer service team, the workload, skills, and expertise of each customer service representative. For multinational companies, this can better support local customer service to solve customer problems and avoid language and cultural differences. Another way to assign tickets is through a cycle distribution method, where everyone is evenly assigned the same number of tickets.

Freshdesk automated ticket assignment  

4. Freshdesk’s knowledge base support for Customer Service Responses helps reduce communication time

According to statistics, more than half of the time spent by customer service teams is devoted to handling the same problems for different customers. Meaning that customer service representatives are making repetitive responses every day, resulting in low work efficiency. Wouldn’t it be better if the company already had a complete knowledge base available for customers? This not only reduces the time it takes for customers to solve problems but also helps representatives reduce a lot of communication time.

Freshdesk’s built-in free knowledge base allows companies to collect common problems and provide customers with self-service options at any time. In this way, customers can first refer to the knowledge base articles, helping customer service teams filter out repetitive basic issues. If new common issues are found, representatives can also convert emails into knowledge base articles or convert their ticket responses into knowledge base articles while responding to customers.

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Master Concept is the first and only Freshworks preferred distributor and agent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and mainland China. Freshworks provides a variety of SaaS solutions, such as Freshdesk Support Desk, to help companies create engaging customer experiences. As Freshworks’ preferred and authorized distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, we help simplify and optimize the customer service workflow of enterprises and provide the best combination of human and intelligent customer service, allowing customers to contact you instantly through various channels without any obstacles.

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