[Webinar] Omnichannel Customer Experience: Why it matters more today than ever?

Winning Customers with Omnichannel Support & Social Media, customer experience will become more important than price or product!
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Today, customers reach out to businesses via channels like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, which are immediate and personal. It has become crucial for businesses to be available on channels that their customers want to reach them on. They are also pressed to deliver consistent levels of support across channels, with meaningful conversations and efficient resolutions. 
We are hosting a webinar on Omnichannel Customer Experience- why it matters today more than ever. Our speakers will talk about how to win customers for life with seamless omnichannel support and social media engagement.

Listen to our speakers talk on Omnichannel Customer Engagement and how it provides a smoother customer experience, reduces time to resolve customer issues and increases customer loyalty and retention.


  • Why Omnichannel is the Future of Customer Interactions 
  • New-gen support on Instagram and Facebook
  • Using social media for support, engagement, selling, and reputation management
  • How to strengthen your support game in the new world
  • Providing superlative, consistent support across popular channels
  • Harnessing the power of streamlined omnichannel support

Event Details:

📅 Date: 3 June 2021 (Thursday)

🕝Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM (HKT) (The room will open 10mins before the webinar start)

Language: Cantonese


Charles Kwok (Senior Solution Consultant, Master Concept)

Joe Chan (Head of Commercial Team, Master Concept)

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