ODRD solutions

Precise location tracking and up-to-date data analysis

creates efficient routes for fleet management and exceptional customer experience.

What is ODRD?

On-Demand Rides and Deliveries

Google Maps Platform made a new, exciting launch with ODRD by capturing detailed  geospatial data including pickup and destination information with ETAs to shape a professional, safe riding experience.

Kilometers of Roads
Real-time Roads Asset Tracking All Over The World
0 Million
Number of Geocodes Delivered Every Month
Daily Routes Delivery
0 Billion
Daily Routes Delivery
Monitor and Track Road Conditions Around The World
0 Billion

ODRD Offers a Seamless Riding Experience

Book A Ride/Order For Delivery

Automatic Swift of Languages

Customized Routes By Location

Identify The Location Easily For Fleet/Customer Anywhere

Smart Pairing with the Quickest Routes/Closest Driver

Customize Trip and Order Planning, the fleet reduces customer waiting time by dispatch optimization.

Recommend Optimal Routes

Avoid Traffic Jams and Peak Road Sections to Shorten Driving Time

Driver Routing & Navigation

Instant Reminder of Speed Limits and Lane Level Guidance to Make Driving Safe and Efficient

Trip & Order Planning

Auto Trip Record to Protect Customers/Drivers Interests

ODRD creates a win-win for businesses and fleets


✅ Precise Fleet Management

Increase fleet utilization rate by up to 3%
Customize orders allocation based on real-time traffic and effectively optimize pairing of the overall fleet and trips.


✅ Seamless Driving Journey

Reduce 20% driving errors
Precise location positioning paired with instant optimal routes shorten driving journeys and make it easy for drivers.


✅ Ideal Customer Experience

Reduce customer pain points and triggers by 90% during service
Customers take full control from logistics/service ordering to real-time tracking with transparent processes.

When do you need ODRD?

ODRD & Google Maps
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Indonesia's Ride-Hailing King Platform
Realized via ODRD

Shorten driving time to destination
- 0 %
Reduce fleet/vehicle usage
+ 0 %
Improve ETA accuracy
+ 0 %
Increase completed orders
+ 0 %

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