google chrome for work

Google Chrome for Work

has evolved to offer secure, customizable and easily manageable web applications and devices for today's business. Chromebooks make computing faster, simpler, more secure and more affordable for everyone and Chromebox for meetings make today's meeting and kiosk portal experience better.


Chromebox for signage

Dynamic content

  • Change instantly
  • Beaconing and localized
  • React to customers faster

Low cost

  • Total cost of ownership is much less than traditional signage


  • Large, growing partner ecosystem
  • Execute any kind of sign

Easy to manage

  • Sets up in minutes
  • Auto-updates
  • Remote management

Chromebox for kiosks

Engaging content

  • Connect and empower customers
  • Full screen experience
  • Ideal for touch screens
  • Point-of-sale, Customer Support, Call Centers  and more

Low cost

  • Total cost of ownership is lower than hiring staff to service customers
  • One IT staff can service all kiosks from anywhere


  • Use Chrome OS to develop any kind of app
  • Partner ecosystem for plug-and-play applications
  • Solutions for both single-app and public session kiosks

Easy to manage

  • Sets up in minutes and extremely customizable
  • Direct boots into one app
  • Remote management and deployment
  • Removes data when user is idle or logs out

Chromebox for meetings

Enterprise class video conferencing system

  • HD camera, microphone, speaker and remote control
  • Wireless screen-sharing

Easy to deploy and manage

  • Deploy in minutes and manage devices easily from the web-based Chrome management
  • Share your screen or presentation without clunky cords. Just type into your browser.

Integrate with Google calendar

  • Join meetings with a single click
  • Show schedule for assigned meeting room