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Accessing, working with and understanding geographic information has never been more critical to business that it is today. The key of success will be the ability to leverage the readily available spatial information. Google Maps for Work helps ease your employee in viewing, understanding and making decision about location-aware information.

Visualise Your Business Data

Bring your locational data to life on any device, everywhere you go.
Harness the full power of the cloud to deliver versatile, scalable, and compelling solutions.
POI Distribution POI Distribution

  • Shop Distribution
  • Branches Locator
Direction & Route Direction & Route

  • Asset tracking and tracing
  • Workforce and fleet management
Planning & Prediction Planning & Prediction

  • Urban and Resource Planning
  • Crisis Management

Google Maps API for Work

Reliable, Flexible, Scalable

Google Maps API for Work guarantees a prevailing service that never disappointed you. It enables you to overlay your own data on a customized Google Map with a collection of APIs. Customizing with Google Maps API for Work is always easy and deployment is never a problem as it fits all size and type of projects. Geocoding business addresses, getting direction and routing for locations, viewing the nearby street view are available and customizable through Google Maps API for Work. The awesome capability of Google Maps for Work gives you the best solution in visualizing information geographically.
Present your location-aware data the Google way
Google cloud infrastructure provides online data storage with the best security. With Google Fusion Table, you can make a map with charts and reports of your own style in seconds.
Make your business known to the world 
Google provides a simple and intuitive user-interface for business owners to promote their business over the world. Be prepared for the boost in hit-rate and business opportunities when worldwide customers reach your shops and branches through Google Map!
Manage your fleet efficiently 
Google Maps API for Work, with the integration of GPS systems, is a perfect match for fleet management. Visualize your fleet on the Google Map, get a better in-sight and deploy your fleet in a more efficient way.
Build your own street view & 3D models 
Google Maps Business View has gone alive: you can now promote your business with indoor street view. Let your customer experience virtual shopping by integrating your own street view and 3D models on your Company's website. We offer custom service for customers to build indoor street view with professional high-resolution camera.
Move your office outdoor 
Google Maps has the best support over mobile platforms: build your own application with Google Maps development kits. Your staff can then work with their devices at anytime and anywhere.