EUPFIN Technology - LBS Project

Quote from customer

“Google Maps Platform APIs help us to increase the efficiency of staff and drivers management by reducing time and manual effort and cost. Thanks for the friendly UI of Google Maps, our users  are easier to learn and get started with the APP, thus minimizing training cost.”

Pursll Chang, Vice President (Technical), EUPFIN Technology Co. Ltd

Company Profile

EUPFIN Technology Co. Ltd was founded in March 2004, focusing on providing leading solutions of intelligent fleet management products and services. The market share of the Eupfin’s solution in the industry covers 80% usage of Taiwan.

Primary projet location:Taiwan

Industry:Commercial fleet management

The Challenges

It’s always been challenging for fleet management company like Eupfin to locate and track a fleet in real-time, to increase routing and mapping capabilities and efficiency, to have detailed historic data for each fleet vehicle, and drive analytics data to help identify idling, speeding, and unauthorized use, and then can then use this data intelligence to plan cost-efficient routes and improve customer service.

These were the background when Eupfin technology developed the Fleet Tracking System to accomplish the missions and search for solutions like Google Maps API and SDK to help to solve these challenges.

The Solutions

Master Concept offers consulting and support service to help Eupfin implement the usage of Google Maps API solution to build their commercial fleet management system including hardware  device of GPS tracking component and fleet management & tracking software along with it. By using Maps JavaScript API, the system’s interface was built in with Google maps as base map to display each asset’s location at real-time for drivers and fleet control center, as well as to display and track historical GPS logs and locations for better management and analysis.

By using directions API and distance matrix API, the system control center is easier to calculate and plan routes for each mission and be able to better estimate delivery and arriving time considering traffic conditions. In addition, By using geocoding API, drivers are able to know the real world addresses along with maps of each waypoint including departure and destination point and also be able  to loop up the address on the map conventiently. Also, the system bundled with streetview API to let drivers easily recognize the surrounding area when the mission route covers the unfamiliar regions.

The Result

There’re lots of benefits of to have Eupfin’s fleet management product and service powered by Google Maps API, it allows drivers and control center to check fleet’s real-time location and history footprint for better location tracking, route calculation, mission scheduling and dispatching, hence increase efficiency of staff and drivers management by reducing time and manual effort and cost. And the friendly Google Maps UI gets each user easier to learn and start to use, thus minimizing training cost.

Moreover, Eupfin is expanding to southeast Asia market, first stop is Vietnam and will expending soon to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, Google Maps Platform’s data and API features cover all of those countries and always keep updated so it save much effort and cost for Eupfin to develop different country versions for their product and service, thus they can focus more on business growing and market development.