[Webinar] Your Powerful backup: Veeam X Google – Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Learn about Veeam’s industry‑leading backup and data management solution for Google Cloud Platform and hybrid cloud environments. Native. Cost-effective. Secure. Hybrid-ready.Simple yet powerful Google Cloud backup
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Whether you’re all in with cloud‑native applications or just getting started on Google Cloud, this webinar is for you. Discuss the necessity of data and application availability to help fuel enterprises innovation and competitive advantages. From containers and Kubernetes to traditional on‑premises workloads (and everything in between), this webinar discusses how to protect and scale a comprehensive backup, restore and application mobility strategy on Google Cloud.

Come learn about Veeam’s industry‑leading backup and data management solution for Google Cloud Platform and hybrid cloud environments.

 Native. Cost-effective. Secure. Hybrid-ready.Simple yet powerful Google Cloud backup


  • Fuel enterprises innovation and create competitive advantages with Veeam and Google
  • How Google and Veeam can help accelerate cloud migration, simplify operations and increase business agility
  • How customers can extend Veeam solutions used on-premises to Google Cloud
  • Engine to protect all workloads simply, efficiently and seamlessly
  • How customers can leverage Veeam to protect their cloud-native workloads running inside Google Cloud Platform

Date & Time:

Date: 29 June 2021(Tuesday)

Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM(HKT) (The room will open 5 mins before the webinar start)


Dan Lee (Systems Engineer, Veeam Software)

Freddy Tse ( Business Development Manager, Hong Kong, Google)

Kent Chan (Solution consultant, Pre-sales, Master Concept)

Webinar Language: Cantonese 

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