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Billions of investments are wasted on technical transformation as other companies fail to provide clear objective and adaptable digital capabilities. Let us get you the latest news and learn from past experiences.

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a technical advisor

You Need More Than Just Information. You Need Guidance.

Information on the internet can flow a lot faster but false or inaccurate. The impact of making decision with misinformation is bigger than you think. Never spend time to fight lies and focus on your own strategy development. We are a professional guide for you to choose what your business needs.

Not just leading or supporting. We work together.

All solutions come with an award-winning and certificated team. We provide full-stack expertises for every single project to achieve your business goal and solve your problem. Include but not limited to consultation, deployment, training and hand-on support.

Time is Money. Save both With Milestone.

Digital transformation usually takes years to go. Step in the wrong direction will cost you million to billion and unlimited time. Getting a technology adviser to empower your transformation journey. Never too late to ask, never too late to save.

Leading technical advisor in APAC

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our expertises

15+ years Experience

We are a leading technology adviser in APAC. Experienced in applying innovative solutions and best practices to numerous industries.

100+ Cloud Specialists

Over hundred Cloud and technology experts across 8 countries are ready to serve you no matter where you are.

20+ Tech Certifications

All of our experts are equipped with professional official certificates includes but not limited to Google Cloud, AWS, Hubspot, etc

Customizable Solution

You can combine different softwares and managed services upon your requirements. Get everything you need at once.

Continuous Modernization

Our solutions and products will keep improving with the latest new technology in order to help you to sit on top of the market.

Enterprise Partnerships

We partner with the leading companies like Google, AWS, etc to get you the latest updates and solve your business needs.

The EASIEST Way to go Cloud




Deal with all steps of cloud transformation, from consultation to implementation.


Introduce new ideas and better solutions that meet modern requirements and needs.


Provide solutions that help businesses to fit in different markets and industries.


Back you up with a great team, years of experience and industry best practices.


Customize solutions with different tools and services upon your business needs.


Protect your data and resource can help reduce your risk of investment loss.

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Leave Us Your Message.
We are ready to talk!

Leave Us Your Message.
We are ready to talk!

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